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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. another day for the record books but it's not a record we wanted to hit.
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temperatures hit the triple digits again, creating dangerous conditions across the washington area, and tonight it still feels like the upper 90s. good saturday, afternoon, i'm craig melvin. it's still really hot and humid out there. some folks are having a rough time beating the heat, but here is the good news. we've seen the last of the triple digitses at least for a while. the temperatures going to be dropping. chuck bell live in the weather center with an update for us tonight. what's the good word, chuck? >> all right, craig, our flirting with record high temperatures is just about done with us after the last couple of days, we were up into the upper 90s on thursday, but the record was 104, so we didn't break that. on friday, though, we had a high of 102. the record was 103. so we missed it by one. today, the record was 101. but we made it to 102, so we broke it by one. tomorrow, the record's 101, and i'm forecasting 97. so we'll be close, but i don't think that we'll get the cigar tomorrow. right now still 88 degrees in downtown washington with heat index values still hovering
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right around the 95-degree mark. so very uncomfortable stuff out there. the heat advisory is posted for all afternoon and early evening tomorrow. how much cooler and when? that part of the forecast coming up. >> chuck, we'll come back to you in a few moments, thanks, buddy. what's worse than being outside of this heat, how about not able to escape it in the inside in the cool a.c., what happened to some folks in an apartment complex in massachusetts avenue. their air-conditioning hasn't been working since thursday in massapartments. temperatures inside of those apartments were close to 90 degrees today. residents say the complex is keeping the pool deck open late and letting people sleep in the yoga studio which does have air-conditioning. one woman that we did talk to who didn't want to be notified says management has not done enough. >> my thoughtings are i just wanted answered. i want answered if they're going to compensate or offer hotel vouchers. like they just sent us out and
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get fans. so i mean i'm just pissed and hot and we pay a lot of rent to live here. >> meanwhile, a lot of folks around the metro area flocked to the pool to stay cool today. it was the most popular attraction at the community day celebration in suitland and a similar similar at the columbia heights marketplace as the kids as you can see there, cooled off in the fountain much of the day. meanwhile, in in manassas, civil war buffs braved the heat today to pay homage to history. thousands converged on the town this weekend to commemorate the battle of bull run. it was the first major battle of the civil wan 151 years ago. some of the day's events had to be scaled back, though, because of the excessive heat. >> yeah, weather's really opregnanopreg oppressive but it was for them. >> to get an imagination to get a feel of what it was like. >> about 150 people were evaluated for heat-related illness. a dozen or so had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. a close call tonight for two
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d.c. residents. a huge tree fell on their car as they sat at a stop light. they were trapped inside as a result. it happened just before 8:00 tonight at 19t and c streets northeast. darcy spencer talked to witnesses who felt powerless to help and the driver who is, quite frankly, pretty lucky to be alive. darcy is live on the scene tonight. >> reporter: hey, craig, yeah, you could see the tree crew is here now chopping up this tree. it really is a big one. it was a close call. not just for the people who are inside of this mercedes-benz but for the other people who are out here in traffic. now, a woman came back to the scene after getting out of the hospital tonight and she tells me that she came within inches of losing her life. two people riding inside of this black mercedes narrowly escaped serious injuries when a large tree toppled on their car. easter cato was behind the wheel. >> very important. you know, i mean, two more inches and i wouldn't be talking
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to you. i would be dead, so thank you so much. and i thank everybody that helped me. >> reporter: it happened on c street northeast here in the intersection with 19 gth street. the tree suddenly fell. >> we actually saw tree when it crumbled over and fell on top of them. we backed our car up and i immediately dialed 911. >> reporter: witnesses say that the light was red, traffic here had come to a complete stop when they heard a sudden and loud crack and the tree toppled over. the tree stopped motorists in their tracks. several ran over to help the driver and passenger get out. >> the next thing i know, the tree just fell over on top of the car, so we got up and just stopped and ran and get the lady and the gentleman out of the car. >> reporter: several other drivers barely missed getting hit by the tree. >> it could have been worse, but god is good. >> reporter: it looks like if you narrowly escaped. >> yes, yes exactly. so i'm thankful and i'm happy that both of them are going to be okay. >> reporter: so the tree crew
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just got here several minutes ago. they're obviously busy at work. the street here closed for the last few hours. they're trying to get this work done quickly, get this tree chopped up and get this car out of way to get the war open. this is amazing that no one was seriously injured in this tonight. reporting live from northeast, darcy spencer, news4, craig back to you. >> man, what are the chances? all right, darcy, thank you for that report p appreciate that. the death toll from the twin terror attacks in norway stands at 95 tonight. meanwhile, police say their suspect has confessed and will explain why he did it in court tomorrow. ten people died when a bomb went off at an oslo government office. police have called the bomb an oklahoma city-type device, made of fertilizer and diesel fuel. after the bombing, police say the suspect, a 32-year-old norwegian man went to a nearby island and started shooting at teenagers taking part in a youth camp. 85 were killed in the shooting spree. tonight, survivors are talking
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about the traumatic ordeal. >> i thought it was a game, or i don't know something else. it was like not high sound shootings. it was like silence or something >> translator: i tried to save, but i could -- but there were people they couldn't do anything for. >> people left flowers, candles and cards outside of the norwegian embassy in northeast d.c. today to honor the victims. police are waiting on autopsy results to figure out what killed amy winehouse. this evening police removed the singer's body from her london apartment. she was found dead this afternoon. winehouse is 2006's album won five grammys and made her a global superstar but singer had a very long and public battle with drug and alcohol abuse. she had been in and out of rehab numerous times. amy winehouse was 27 years old. the first foreign-born
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chairman of the joint chiefs of staff died today in washington state. retired army general john feeley served as chairman during the clinton administration. according to his pentagon bio, the polish native learned english from watching john wayne movies. president obama issued a statement tonight calling him a genuine soldier statesman. was 75 years old. still, no deal on the debt limit tonight, but pressure is on to reach an agreement by this time tomorrow night. congressional leaders met for negotiations today again. speaker of the house, john boehner, says he wants up to $4 trillion in deficit cuts, but after hours of talks, senate majority leader harry reid accused republicans of refusing to compromise. both sides, though, say they do hope to show enough progress by tomorrow afternoon. to stop a plunge and stop prices in asia. lawmakers have until august 2nd to increase the amount that the
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government can legally borrow, or face a loan default. a psychiatrist killed. police say one of his patients did it, still have the latest on this bizarre murder-suicide in mclean home. plus, some airline taxes have expired. coming up, though, why most customers are still paying the same price, and how you can look for a discount. and an actor is under arrest tonight after a dust st
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police have identified the psychiatrist and one of his patients killed in an apparent murder news is mclean. 71-year-old dr. mark lawrence was found shot to death
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yesterday. police believe 62-year-old newman shot him and then turned the gun on herself. police say the doctor and patient knew each other for a number of years but there was no indication of any trouble. the portal shutdown of the federal aviation means no more taxes on airline tickets but it does not mean all tickets are cheaper apparently. the taxes expired at midnight last night because congress did not pass legislation to keep the faa running. many jumped to the chance to save up to 300 bucks per ticket in some cases, but us airways and american airlines raised their fares to offset the tax break. there's still some good deals out there, though. many airlines have yet to raise their fares. a brouhaha at comic-con. still ahead a spider-man actor arrested after messing with the security guard. and, what goes up inevitably must go down. chuck bell is standing by to
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an actor in the upcoming spider-man movie found himself and then in an unscripted action sequence at comic-con. was detained last night after a scuffle with a female security guard. he was at international comic book in san diego to promote his role as a villain in the upcoming movie but police when say when challenged about his credentials, he hit the woman in the chest and pushed passed her. several pictures say that he deeply regrets the accident. a girl from virginia is now
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a national soap box derby champion. gabriel bevell came in first today in the rally stock division. she be beat out more than more than 500 boys in akron, ohio. gabrielle and the other racers spent the last year in competing in local races to earn a trip to that event. there is her and her mom right there. a prize, a share of $30,000 in scholarships. congrats tonight to gabriel bevell. >> and the issue is fast. did you see the goggles? the blue racing goggles, top-notch. >> let's talk about this weatherman. >> okay! >> yesterday, as i said to you, yesterday was plans, changing hot. >> absolutely right, and today was almost as bad. not quite so horrible as yesterday but today was another day better spent inside than out. tomorrow, unfortunately, once again, a very much an indoor kind of a day thanks to the heat. but things are mooching in the right direction. outside on a saturday night, a partly cloudy sky overhead as
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you look at the kennedy center for the performing arts where alongside the potomac river. beautiful night outside as long as you like it sticky. 88 degrees is our 11:00 temperature here in washington. our dew points have crept up into the low 70s once again. still a little bit of a relief from why where they were yesterday when we were in the upper 70s and still quite humid. heat index 94 degrees downtown. for the record today we set records at both ends of the day. our morning low temperature 84. that was a record for the date and ties the warmest overnight low temperature on record in d.c., and 102, our high temperature today, breaks the old record of 101 set 20 years ago. right now, temperatures back into the low and mid 80s in the western suburbs, still mid and upper 80s alongside the chesapeake bay. heat index values are coming down tonight. upper 80 essany low 90s. for tomorrow now the heat advisory posted for locations east of the blue ridge. that's an improvement. we've been in the warning category for the last three days so only an advisory means heat
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index values tomorrow between 100 and 105 as opposed to the 110 today and the 120 yesterday. so here is your planner for tomorrow. mid 80s in the morning. mid 90s by lunchtime. and mid to upper 90s again for highs tomorrow. so expect another very hot day for sure. here's a look at live doppler. couple lonesome sprinkles in prince george's county. western pennsylvania, part a thunderstorm complex even though it's falling apart, may bring some raindrops tonight especially for you folks west of the blue ridge up into the mountains of west virginia. we'll be watching that overnight tonight. certainly no severe weather during the overnight hours tonight. during the day tomorrow, though, again with argument the intense heat around the area, we might bubble up one or two random strong to severe to strong thunderstorms. better coverage of those storms tomorrow than what we had yesterday or today. best coverage though early monday night into erm use it dwha we get a cool front coming our way. in the morning, warm or humid. maybe a shower or two.
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tomorrow's highs mid to upper 90s once again but with a better chance of thunderstorms. if you're headed out to the bay, it looks like a stormy chance both on sunday and monday and if you're headed down to the beach, again, stormy chances but certainly no washout weather if you have got a boat and a beach plan i would definitely put it into effect. there is our forecast. best rain chances late monday into early tuesday and the high heat and humidity may very well come back late week, early next weekend, we'll keep you posted. >> buddy appreciate that. coming up the nats out west
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are you ready for some football? i've been ready. >> it's coming back. >> it's really amazing in a matter of 24 can do. it wasn't looking good for some time, but things are getting a little better. >> coming to their senses, i think. >> i hope so. the light at end of the tunnel that is the nfl lockout appears to be getting bigger and brighter. according to multiple published reports, there were some major breakthroughs in discussions today. both the owners and the players have come to a tentative agreement that would allow the players executive board to vote on monday to recommend acceptance of the collective bargaining agreement. now under this plan, reports say that after an initial vote on monday, players would start reporting to team facilities on wednesday to vote on union recertification and the cba. now, if players association gets enough votes to recertify on wednesday, that means 50% plus one, then teams can begin discussions with their own free agents and draft picks.
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the league year would begin saturday, one week from today, with free agency and the opening of training camps. well in just their seventh season the washington nationals still have plenty of milestones to reach. the team has never been to the world series, never won a division title, and believe it or not, the team has never won two games in a row at dodgers stadium. well, to complete the first half of that last accomplishment, friday the nats came away with an impressive 7-2 win in l.a. will the team make history tonight? go out to l.a. at dodgers stadium. top first nats get off to another fast start. this time, michael morris gets into an early lead again. he lifts a fly ball to right field. going all the way back. hits off of the base of the wall. danny espinosa will race all the way around from second. he will score. another double for morris. nats up early, 1-0. very next batter, jayson werth, would you believe it? >> uh-oh. >> yeah he will come through. runners on second and third, he will get ahold of one here. hanging break ball, go into
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center field past matt kemp. ryan zimmerman and morris also come around to score, 3-0, nats, much to the first. a pair of much-needed rbis, but werth at a critical time. on the hill for the nats, tom gorzelanny. he had the good stuff working early. he gets juan uribe swinging there, big cut in the third inning. nats lead the dodgers right now, 6-2 in the bottom of the third. all right, baltimore, another hot one. 102 degrees the start of the angels and orioles game. bottom fourth orioles down 2-0. adam jones trying to change that. rips down the line. would it stay fair? it's gone. adam jones, his 17th homer of the year. it is now 2-1, angels on top. bottom fifth now, still same score. runners on the corners for nick markakis at the plate. he will single right back up the box. past the diving second baseman. robert andino come around to score. he will tie it up at two. the orioles would atf add the go-ahead run later in the inning on a sacrifice fly, so here we
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go. top ninth, os up 3-2. he finishes up the deal. he gets kendrick to chase. the strike three. orioles game over. they beat the angels, 3-2. well at the united states amazing run at the women's world cup, this country is suddenly paying a little more attention to soccer. to keep the momentum going, one of the top teams from the english premier league is touring the united states, showing off their brand of football. but the local guys, d.c. united, on poised to show america can hold its own at an exhibition game at rbc stadium. howard sitting this one out for his club team edmonton. fourth minute, no score, edmonton attacking. sends the long ball ahead to victor aeach inibi. one touch, he will beat the d.c. united keeper right there. amid for the goal, just like that, everton up 1-nil. look at his face on this one. how did that happen?
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everton attacking again. nifty pass. back and forth they go. beautiful one-timer hit the net. billy one on one. he beats the keeper. 2-nil lead. not happy about this one. 47th minute d.c. united finally gets on the minute. kiss pontius runs onto this one. puts it in the back of the net, folks. a lot of time left in this one. 82nd minute everton puts the nail in the coffin. jermaine bedford and miguel guy work a one-two game and everton goes on to win there one, 3-1. nba all-star game in san antonio today. washington mystics though, they had one of the players representing themselves. second half action, turnover there. check out this, off of the backboard. throws it up to herself. all-star game. that's what we're talking about.
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that is certainly impressive stuff. all right, chris langhorn the washington mystics representative, a good game herself. layup there. but this one went down to the wire. or of a minute to go. w west leading by two. much to the key, she would drain did. knocks down the three ball. east all-stars beat the west all-stars 118-113. they can play some ball. >> put up some points out there. that's it. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is up next, who wanted by amy poehle
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[ knocking ] come in. >> mr. jessup, christine o'donnell is here. >> have her come in. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. >> hi! [ cheers and applause ]
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